Maybe Jaworzno shooting range?

For many of those who have already tried it, shooting has become an exceptional sport and entertainment. The shooting range allows to relieve stress, and exercise patience and self-control. Even though shooting seems an individual sport, it also teaches cooperation and the ability to work in a group during many tasks. That is precisely why more and more often various types of integrative events and gatherings are held in shooting ranges.

Upon the occasion of such meetings, under the watchful eye of instructors, we also gain broad knowledge about the types of weapons and the principles of safe handling of arms, so shooting gives a number of measurable benefits for anyone who wants to familiarise themselves with this sport.

But shooting is not just about weapons and rules of handling arms. It's also about the right instructors and safe facilities. Unfortunately, recently the Krakow Pasternik Shooting Range 

has become a closed object, which has made it very difficult for local shooting firms, clubs and users to organise events and meetings. A solution was sought that would allow to continue actions in these considerably affected conditions. But as they say every cloud has a silver lining, since this situation allowed us to establish cooperation with the new facility where we are currently holding our shooting events and trainings. The Jaworzno Shooting Range is located at a slight distance from Cracow, but it is well-organised and meets all safety requirements.

During a recent visit there with our customers, we had the opportunity to see that it can hold any type of shooting event from instructor trainings to gatherings and stag party shooting events. For all those with a slightly sceptic approach to the change of the shooting range, below we have included a few photos from our trip which present the entire facility with the interior. We hope when deciding on shooting with us, many of you will choose the Jaworzno Shooting Range.