Black powder weapons in the provisions of Polish law

Access to weapons in Poland has evolved over the years. These weapons were put into circulation more than 150 years ago. It played the role of the basic weapon on the battlefield, which is why in the times of the Second Polish Republic, certain regulations were created stating that we could purchase black powder weapons in the same way as firearms. These regulations were in force until 1961. On January 31, 1961, a license for a firearm that was established before 1850 was unnecessary. So you could have any firearm that was produced just before that year. The exceptions were replicas of these weapons, as well as their museum versions for which, however, we had to obtain a permit. But how is the situation today?

Black powder weapons without permission

Currently, it is not legally necessary to have a license for a firearm that is separately loaded and was manufactured before 1885. Also, you do not need to have documents for replicas of such weapons. The whole is regulated by the Act on weapons and ammunition, in the case of black powder devices, it is Article 11, Act 10. In short, to purchase such weapons it is enough to be at least 18 years of age.

Black powder weapons, and its carrying and transportation

Due to the fact that the act contains an entry that you can walk with a loaded weapon, it is tantamount to the fact that we can also legally move it through public places. However, when transporting it, we should pay attention to the applicable regulations that apply to the transfer of such equipment in certain situations. Such aspects are governed by Articles 32 and 35. Pursuant to Article 35, such weapons may be carried, provided that they are transported in such a way that unauthorized persons cannot access them. Additionally, it is worth noting that you are not allowed to have a gun with you if you plan to drink or consume alcohol.

Black powder what is worth knowing about it?

Do not buy a gunpowder other than the factory gun directly from the manufacturer, because its use may result in injury or even loss of life. Additionally, the use of a self-produced substance is illegal.

Where can we shoot?

According to the current regulations, supported by Article 45, such weapons can only be fired at shooting ranges. The exception is, however, the moment when an uninvited guest appears on our plot, in this case you can shoot to scare the person away, but what should be noted, you must not aim and shoot at another person.

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Powder handling and dosing

We can easily transport black powder and dose it with a powder gun. Some specialists suggest an alternative solution, the use of Eppendorf tubes. The advantage of such test tubes is the ability to prepare more gunpowder, with the help of which we will be able to fire up to several hundred shots without the need to re-prepare the required substance. As a result, we will be able to feel more joy and adrenaline while taking shots, focusing on only one activity while forgetting about the world around us.