What does the shooting patent exam look like?

A shooting patent is an indefinite document that allows practicing shooting sports in three disciplines: shotgun (smoothbore), rifle and pistol. After obtaining the Patent, we apply for a license. It is granted (suspended or revoked) by the Licensing Commission of the Polish Sports Shooting Association. It confirms that the holder has acquired basic skills that allow the safe use of firearms. It is also one of the elements required in Poland to obtain a permit for the legal possession of weapons for sports purposes. To obtain a shooting license, you must be a Polish citizen, an adult who has been a member of the target shooting club for at least 3 months, i.e. belongs to the club subordinate to the PZSS, and pass an exam assessing the qualifications necessary to practice shooting sport with a positive result.

What does the exam look like?

The shooting license exam is divided into two parts: theoretical and practical. To pass the so-called the theory should be answered to nine out of ten questions in the field of the act and regulations on weapons and ammunition, health and safety rules when operating weapons, shooting regulations, technical and maintenance data of weapons (for sports purposes) and knowledge of those provisions of the Penal Code that deal with the use of weapons. The first four questions are always about the law and safety, and an incorrect answer to any of them will result in the exam passing with a negative result. The practical part, of course, takes place at the shooting range and is separate for each type of weapon (shotgun, rifle and pistol). "Passing the practice" begins with an assessment of knowledge of the shooting range regulations, then the applicant must demonstrate the ability to load ammunition, and know the correct behavior in the event of a defective firearm. The final stage is the shooting test, which varies depending on the type of firearm.

  • Pistol - skill assessment takes 6 minutes, during which 4 shots are required in a 15 cm circle at a distance of 25 meters in a standing position.
  • Rifle - from the pistol shooting test, it differs in the distance, which is 50 meters, the lying position and the diameter of the circle - 5 centimeters.
  • Shotgun - here, the time to make at least 4 accurate shots from a distance of 15 meters at the poppers (reactive targets) is 3 minutes.

What should I take to the exam?

There are a number of formalities to take to take the exam, such as completing the application, medical examinations, initial training and payment. Below is a list of all the documents that you need to bring with you for the exam.

  • Patent application.
  • A certificate of a sports medicine doctor confirming the health condition that allows for safe practice of sport shooting.
  • Confirmation of being a member of a club belonging to the PZSS, issued by the club manager.
  • Confirmation of payment of fees for the exam and issuance of the patent.

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