Bachelor Parties - shooting

Bachelor parties are events spent in the company of men, where neither the future groom nor the guests should be bored. So, how to make sure that everyone enjoys themselves at this unique event and in an unforgettable atmosphere?

Many frequent guests of Cracow bars will probably find that the best example of a successful Stag party is the movie ‘The Hangover’ and the great roles of the main characters. However, before all the guests with the Groom at the forefront are swept off with group amnesia invoked by an excess of beverages, it is worth choosing a slightly different form of entertainment based on sports shooting rivalry. These types of Stag Party, when properly planned and conducted at the shooting range, are a great introduction to get to know each other better and bond before the further part of the evening.  The trend to organise these events has come to us from the West, together with tourists for whom such forms of organising bachelor parties are nothing new.

Bachelor party shoots are, as is known, parties dedicated to a male companionship. A wide range of firearms, short and long, rivalry and adrenaline, certainly will not let you and all participants forget this event. If you have never had anything to do with guns before, you have nothing to worry about, our specialised instructors will help you learn a thing or two about firearms and the rules for its safe use.

With this type of individual shooting event like a bachelor party, you can greatly influence its course by modifying selected packages and levels of difficulty accordingly. At the same time, we provide a wide range of the most well-known types of short and long weapons, such as Kalashnikov, Uzi, Shotgun, Glock or Revolver. For a bit more advanced participants, expecting a higher level of difficulty, we can organise shooting at a moving target, or darts. This type of competition requires a lot of skill and precision from the participants, but it is extremely exciting and spectacular.

When choosing the Stag Party shoot organised by GoToShoot you can count on a great party. We welcome guests from home and abroad, offering a complex event in English. The best types of weapons, different shooting options, catering, are just some of the attractions that we can offer you during the event. It is great fun combined with learning and knowledge that may one day prove useful, so don't waste any more time and contact us to discuss the conditions of preparing the bachelor party.

See the full offer for Stag Party at the GotoShoot shooting range.

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