GoToShoot Kraków shooting range - offer overview

Are you looking for a place in Krakow where you will learn how to use different types of weapons, gain practice and spend time competing with others in an interesting way? GoToShoot shooting ranges are such a place.

Professional shooting training

Our Gotoshoot Shooting Range offers various types of courses and training, thanks to which you will learn how to use firearms correctly and safely. Regardless of whether you are completely new to the shooting world and you are interested in obtaining a patent or a permit to work with a weapon, or you are an experienced shooter looking for a way to improve your technique - you will find everything you need here.

The shooting range offers, among others, courses intended for security personnel, employees of uniformed services, as well as for civilians who are starting their adventure with weapons. The preparatory course for the shooting patent exams will allow you to master the basics of shooting, thanks to which you will gain the desired qualifications without any problems.

Events and parties

In GoToShoot shooting ranges, you can also organize a professional integration event for your company's employees. There are really different options at your disposal - you can take advantage of different shooting packages. One of the most important attractions offered by the shooting range is the possibility of shooting darts, i.e. moving targets - they will be a great, additional challenge for your team.

However, corporate events are not everything. The GoToShoot shooting range helps in organizing all kinds of celebrations - stag parties, special events, birthdays and more. The highest-quality logistics facilities make them an excellent and safe choice also for people who have not had intensive contact with firearms so far.

Two great spots

GoToShoot shooting ranges offer two excellent locations in Krakow. They will allow you to practice virtually any type of shooting, regardless of your skill level.

Pasternik Shooting Range Cracow

The "main" object, i.e. the Pasternik shooting range, is a place where you can try your hand at ball and shot shooting at a distance of 25 and 5 meters, as well as at the "trap" and "skeet" axes. Safe, sheltered pitches are at your disposal, as well as the possibility of spending time actively outdoors.

WKS Wawel - Strzelnica Kraków

In turn, the WKS Wawel shooting range is a place where you will learn to shoot both sports and combat weapons, with very different calibers. Thanks to the targets, you can easily adjust the distance at which the targets are located. Thanks to the catering facilities and conference rooms located on the premises, it is perfect for organizing various types of events.


GoToShoot shooting ranges offer the possibility of buying affordable vouchers, which are fantastic for a gift, for example. You can use the purchased voucher within six months from the date of purchase - but if you fail to meet this date, there is also a simple option to extend its validity.