Modern battle  simulation training comes with a number of requirements that are not easy to meet without proper training. To meet the expectations of our clients, we have prepared a number of additional courses, not only in firearms handling and shooting, but also in altitude rescue, Fast Rope trainings, simulation of helicopter platform slide off etc. Such courses available at various levels can significantly increase your skills and abilities related to operating on rough terrain.

In recent months, we have participated in several trainings of this kind, also conducting them ourselves in different field variants. As part of our trainings, we offer a high-altitude rescue instructor course in instructor and basic certified variants, together with a first and second grade battle shooting course. We have also conducted courses for battlefield rescue instructors, in a medical training + basic certified TCCC course (Tactical Combat Casualty Care) variant. For all those interested in participation, we have included several pictures illustrating the course of such training in the field below.