Training for a gun permit

Because we have been receiving more and more enquiries in relation to trainings and courses for a firearms license, we will do our best to let you in on this topic a bit more. First and foremost, remember that a firearms license is issued for specific purposes, such as personal protection, protection of persons and property, sports, hunting, etc., hence, psychological tests and medical examinations are required, and of course, an appropriate exam at the shooting range. As part of the theoretical knowledge necessary to obtain a firearms license, it is necessary to get acquainted with the current legal status regarding possession and use of firearms, such as the provisions of the penal code, shooting regulations, etc.

As part of practical knowledge, you will first need to learn about the assembly and dismantling of firearms, as well as loading and unloading. In the next steps you will learn about topics concerning, for example, dealing with faulty or jamming weapons, defining parts of firearms and of course at the very end you, will learn different shooting techniques and handling different types of firearms. Below see a few pictures from our pre-exam course and training.