Shooting techniques - how to shoot accurately with a rifle rifle?

How to shoot accurately with a rifle rifle?

Many of us associate shooting with an air rifle at the Cracow Shooting Range mainly with an amusement park, and not with serious sports or recreational shooting. I will try to introduce you to the basics of shooting with the most popular carbine rifles in our country, so that the pellets hit as close to the center of the target as possible.

The solution is to learn the correct posture. You have to position your body the same way before each shot. Repeatability is the key to success.

Shooting attitudes

Depending on your preferences or needs, you can shoot from:

  • Standing posture

Sports attitude, the most popular, will be difficult for you. However, after a while, you will train the appropriate muscle groups. You stand sideways so that your feet are in the line of the carabiner. You lean out your left hip and rest your elbow on it with your arm supporting the weapon. You rest the stock on your right shoulder and put your hand on the handle.

  • Sitting posture

You can sit cross-legged, as well as use a chair or a support. You must remember that the body is relaxed, so that there are no contractions. You can't tense your neck muscles.

  • Kneeling posture

You put your left leg forward towards the target, and you bend your right leg at the knee and kneel. You can sit on your right foot. Place your left elbow on your left knee. The right hand holds the weapon against the right shoulder. Elbow placed next to the body.

  • Lying posture

The possibility of supporting it directly on the ground with the largest possible surface ensures very high stability. This ensures greater precision of the shot. Remember that the body must be relaxed and the angle between the shoulder and the ground should be at least 30 degrees. The carabiner must not touch the ground.

Artillery grip

Once you have mastered the shooting stance, you must focus on the correct grip of the weapon. During the shot, the weapon is supported at three points: this is the bed where the hand supports the weapon, the other hand on the pistol grip and the buttstock rests against the wound. We do not fight the recoil, but let the weapon move freely in accordance with the motion forced by the recoil. It must become a habit and you have to remember a few more rules for submitting to the shot.

  • - The hand supporting the weapon must not be clamped on the handguard. The weapon rests freely on the hand so that it can move freely forward and backward.
  • - The elbow of the arm supporting the weapon must be in the line of the bedside, under the weapon. It cannot protrude sideways, as this may cause the weapon to shift sideways.
  • - Right elbow in the line of the windbreaker, i.e. vertically.
  • - The hand on the pistol grip freely embraces, does not squeeze, so that the finger freely reaches the trigger.
  • - The stock is slightly resting on the shoulder, we cannot press it strongly against the shoulder as when shooting from a firearm. We let the weapon move back freely when recoil.
  • - The gun's grip and the shooter's stance must be the same each time. This has to be practiced dry.

These few rules for taking a shooting position, combined with the correct technique of aiming and pulling the trigger, will allow you to achieve better, right results. You will feel the recoil of the weapon, but thanks to these rules it will be predictable and still the same.

Pull the trigger off with the last part of the index finger. Ideally, the middle phalanges of the fingers should be perpendicular to the barrel of the rifle. The thumb should lie freely on the stock parallel to the barrel. Moving your finger on the trigger at an angle tilts the weapon, which reduces the accuracy of the shot.

Remember to wait a second after the shot for the pellet to leave the barrel and hit the target. Only then can you lower the barrel.

OHS - safety

Air rifles can also be dangerous and the risk of using them should be minimized. Remember the basic rules:

  • - the air rifle is not a toy and can cause serious injury
  • - We treat the windbreaker as if it was loaded and stretched
  • - never target people or animals
  • - do not leave her unattended
  • - common sense
  • - we wear safety glasses
  • - there are no people or animals behind the target, only a bullet trap
  • - do not shoot at surfaces that may ricochet
  • - predict, don't take chances
  • - Be aware.

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