Strzeleckie wieczory kawalerskie

Stag parties are events spent in the company of men, where neither the future groom nor the guests should be bored.
Strzelanie jest dla każdego

Even though recreational shooting is enjoying increased popularity in our country, there is still a common belief that it is a hobby only for the tough guys with polished gun skills. Nothing further from the truth; based on a few shooting events we have organized lately, it is clear that shooting courses are great fun for almost everyone and of any age.
Szkolenie do pozwolenia na broń

Because we have been receiving more and more enquiries in relation to trainings and courses for a firearms license, we will do our best to let you in on this topic a bit more.
Szkolenie linowe instruktorskie

Because our last post has enjoyed great interest, and there were many questions about instructor rope rescue trainings, we’ve decided to let you in a bit more on the topic. First of all, you have to start with the fact that both battlefield rescue as well as effective operational and military field operations require matering rope techniques, at least in the basic scope.

Modern battle  simulation training comes with a number of requirements that are not easy to meet without proper training. To meet the expectations of our clients, we have prepared a number of additional courses, not only in firearms handling and shooting, but also in altitude rescue, Fast Rope trainings, simulation of helicopter platform slide off etc.
Strzelanie rekreacyjne

Yesterday, we organized recreational shooting for several customers who have used our shooting packages. For many, it was their first ever contact with firearms and even first visit to a shooting range.
Spotkanie, impreza integracyjna

This time, the weather was exceptionally good during the planned integration event. Several owners of companies, employees and friends have decided to spend time together at the shooting range and learn about firearms handling and shooting
Prezent urodzinowy voucher

If you are looking for a nice and original gift for someone from your family, a colleague or friend, a recreational shooting voucher will be the perfect choice.
Impreza integracyjna

Contemporary integration events are more and more often taking the form of open air meetings, with various types of bonfires, sleigh rides or bicycle trips. Recently, one of the more attractive forms for such meetings are also shooting trainings, organized at shooting ranges or suitable facilities.