Wybór pierwszej broni krótkiej - co wybrać?

The eternal question-dilemma that appears in every freshly baked shooter, the more that when choosing a gun we have a classic disaster. The multitude of brands, models, handgun systems can give you a headache, not only for someone who is just starting his adventure with shooting, but even old shooting skills.
Nauka strzelania z karabinu

The training is intended for people with no experience in using firearms and beginner shooters as well as gun owners who want to improve the technique of using firearms while maintaining all safety rules.
Nauka strzelania z pistoletu

The training is intended for people with no experience in using firearms and beginner shooters as well as gun owners who want to improve the technique of using firearms while maintaining all safety rules.
W jaki sposób należy przechowywać broń palną?

Usually, people who want to legally possess firearms must obtain a permit to possess them, which is issued by the relevant state authorities. The firearms license process usually requires the applicant to complete appropriate training and comply with various regulatory requirements such as minimum age, no medical contraindications, no criminal history, etc.
Do czego są zobowiązane osoby posiadające broń palną?

The legal possession of firearms varies by country and region, but in general, people who may legally possess a firearm are usually: 1. Adults who do not have health or psychological contraindications to owning firearms. 2. Persons who have completed appropriate training related to the use of firearms. 3. Persons who have obtained appropriate permits and licenses from government authorities. 4. People who do not have a criminal record or have not been convicted of violent or drug offences.
Eventy na krakowskiej strzelnicy

The organization of professional shooting courses and training at the highest level and the broadly understood firearm shooting training is the main activity of the GOTOSHOOT company, however, we also organize various types of events at the shooting range, during which participants have the opportunity to shoot with firearms under the supervision of shooting instructors who conduct shooting.
Istotne części broni palnej

The skeleton of the weapon consists of metal or composite and is the body of the firearm. The frame consists of several parts, such as the trigger assembly, magazine well, handle, which work together to form one coherent whole.
Co przyciąga zagranicznych gości na krakowskie strzelnice?

Krakow is one of the most beautiful cities not only in Poland, but also in Europe. Therefore, it is not surprising that it enjoys great interest among foreign visitors. However, tourists who come here do not want to spend their time only exploring the city and viewing monuments. They are also interested in spending time actively. As you can see, shooting ranges in Krakow are quite popular among foreign visitors. Why?
Na co zwrócić uwagę wybierając strzelnicę?

More and more people are interested in learning how to shoot. Shooting ranges are becoming places eagerly chosen by adults who have a chance to find a new passion, which in addition may be associated with a huge dose of adrenaline. What to look for when choosing a shooting range? Here are some tips to consider.
Techniki strzelania – jak celnie strzelać z wiatrówki karabinka?

Many of us associate shooting with an air rifle mainly with an amusement park, and not with serious sports or recreational shooting. I will try to introduce you to the basics of shooting with the most popular carbine rifles in our country, so that the pellets hit as close to the center of the target as possible. The solution is to learn the correct posture. You have to position your body the same way before each shot. Repeatability is the key to success.
Broń czarnoprochowa w przepisach polskiego prawa

Access to weapons in Poland has evolved over the years. These weapons were put into circulation more than 150 years ago. It played the role of the basic weapon on the battlefield, which is why in the times of the Second Polish Republic, certain regulations were created stating that we could purchase black powder weapons in the same way as firearms. These regulations were in force until 1961.
Porady przed zakupem pierwszej broni

What weapons to buy to start with? This is the dilemma of any firearms license holder. On forums devoted to this subject, we can find a number of more or less accurate tips. In this article we will try to answer the most important questions related to the purchase of a new weapon for a person just entering this world.
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