Jak powinien wyglądać dobry trening bezstrzałowy?

Regardless of the field of sport he deals with, it is always necessary to first take care of the substantive and technical background. If we want to become masters, we cannot rely on practice alone. We also need knowledge. In the case of non-shooting training, it is mainly about the correct posture and all the information that will be useful before the first shooting.
Strzelnica GoToShoot Kraków - przegląd oferty

Are you looking for a place in Krakow where you will learn how to use different types of weapons, gain practice and spend time competing with others in an interesting way? GoToShoot shooting ranges are such a place.
Strzelectwo sportowe - od czego zacząć i ile kosztuje?

A few years back, sport shooting was not a popular sport in Poland. However, a lot has changed since then. In addition, there is a greater availability of weapons than before. It is a convenience for amateurs of this sport. Read the article to find out where to start and how much sport shooting costs.
Przepisy prawne regulujące działanie strzelnic w Krakowie

Running a shooting range in Krakow and throughout Poland is related to restrictive legal regulations that every owner of such a facility must comply with. In 2020, the law changed, so it is worth getting acquainted with the rules that apply in order not to risk penalties and unpleasant situations.
Cudzoziemcy na krakowskich strzelnicach - czy są jakieś ograniczenia?

Polish shooting ranges are becoming more and more popular in Poland. People who do not have Polish citizenship also want to use this type of leisure. For people who are foreigners, the good news is that there are no special restrictions on their use of the shooting range.
Jak przechowywać broń palną - zasady polskiego prawa?

When watching American movies, you can pay attention to the fact how many people in the United States own firearms. It is not that popular in Poland. However, those who would like to have a copy in their collection must familiarize themselves with the rules and regulations of Polish law in this area.
Gdzie można strzelać z wiatrówki?

Shooting an air rifle is fun and interesting activity that can be trained practically anywhere, taking into account the basic rules and using common sense! Today's post is dedicated to shooting with an air rifle, because there are many questions and concerns - where and how to take care of yourself and others!
Jak wygląda egzamin na patent strzelecki?

A shooting patent is an indefinite document that allows practicing shooting sports in three disciplines: shotgun (smoothbore), rifle and pistol. After obtaining the Patent, we apply for a license. It is granted (suspended or revoked) by the Licensing Commission of the Polish Sports Shooting Association. It confirms that the holder has acquired basic skills that allow the safe use of firearms.
Pierwszy raz na strzelnicy? Czego można się spodziewać?

A trip to the shooting range is a guarantee of great fun, and at the same time a unique opportunity to test your shooting skills. However, while at the shooting range, you must follow the safety rules in force there and you should also strictly follow the instructions of the instructor to avoid potentially dangerous situations.
Jaką legalną broń może posiadać każdy obywatel Polski?

Weapons are a work tool for uniformed services, and for citizens they can be an effective protection against unforeseen situations. Let us remember that we cannot have every weapon without a permit in our country. Cracow shooting Range
GLOCK 17 -  charakterystyka

The Glock 17 is a semi-automatic pistol that was developed by Glock GmbH, an Austrian firearms manufacturer. The history of the creation of Glock 17 is related to a competition for the Austrian army,
Kamizelki kuloodporne

Bulletproof vests Some games and movies convince us that a person shot directly in a bulletproof vest may continue to run because they have not suffered any health damage.
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