AK - 47 Kalashnikov / kalashnikov / Калашников Each of us has heard about the AK-47 - this rifle has even entered the Guinness Book of Records as the most widespread weapon in the world.
Pozwolenie na broń Kolekcjonerską

PERMITTED COLLECTORS - Weapon license The first mandatory step to collect weapons is joining a collector's association. We can join a local or national association.
Broń - jaką dysponuje strzelnica GoToShoot

Weapons - what is the GoToShoot shooting range? Every self-respecting shooting range - and GoToShoot definitely belongs to them :) - gives its guests a choice. Everyone has their own individual predispositions and requirements for what they shoot best, and before they find the perfect weapon - the shooting range should give you the opportunity to try different options. In GoToShoot, these various options are definitely not lacking.
Rejestracja broni przez Internet

Najlepsze atrakcje na wieczór kawalerski - strzelnica Kraków

A bachelor party is an important moment in the life of every young man who decides to get married.
Strzelnica - jaka broń jest najlepsza dla początkujących?

Shooting range - what is the best weapon for beginners?
Patent Strzelecki - Licencja / Pozwolenie na broń Sportową

shooting license
Karabinek AR15

AR-15 - civilian rifle, produced in many different versions   A light gas-dynamic rifle, air-cooled, magazine-powered, uses intermediate ammunition.
Strzelnica Pasternik

The interest in shooting sports and their development in our country is increasing every year. More and more people are enjoying shooting ranges as part of various trainings, gatherings, shooting events or competitions. Since recently, sports shooting ranges have also become a place where the Gentlemen spend stag parties,
A może Strzelnica Jaworzno?

For many of those who have already tried it, shooting has become an exceptional sport and entertainment. The shooting range allows to relieve stress, and exercise patience and self-control. Even though shooting seems an individual sport, it also teaches cooperation and the ability to work in a group during many tasks.
Strzelanie jest dla każdego

Even though recreational shooting is enjoying increased popularity in our country, there is still a common belief that it is a hobby only for the tough guys with polished gun skills. Nothing further from the truth; based on a few shooting events we have organized lately, it is clear that shooting courses are great fun for almost everyone and of any age.
Szkolenie do pozwolenia na broń

Because we have been receiving more and more enquiries in relation to trainings and courses for a firearms license, we will do our best to let you in on this topic a bit more.
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