Cooperation offer of event events shooting Cracow


We would like to invite you to an attractive form of cooperation with our company in the field of broadly-defined events and shooting trainings. With the appropriate equipment, highly qualified instructors and training facilities, we organize various events, training and shooting courses in Krakow and the surroundings. As part of our business, we offer great fun and unforgettable experiences at all kinds of integration meetings, shooting courses, organized bachelor and bachelorette parties, or birthday parties. 

During our shooting events, we give a short training in the construction and operation of weapons, as well as individual shooting with many types of short and long weapons. Of course, we are well aware of the fact that customer satisfaction and his expectations often require a diversified approach to the conditions and course of such an event, which is why we offer different package options.

Due to its convenient access and repeatedly verified conditions of the facility, the main area of our integration events is the Pasternik Shooting Range in Cracow.  Of course, at the customer’s special request, we are able to organize this type of event on any other licensed shooting range in the country. 

Because we are constantly trying to expand our offer and introduce new elements, our clients are guaranteed an excellent form of entertainment combined with learning. At the clients’ request, we may additionally organize catering, or other extra attractions.  At the same time, we provide instructors who conduct training in both Polish and English, so that our offer can also be directed to foreign tourists.

Establishing long-term cooperation with our company gives you tangible benefits. First of all, you will expand your own event offer for your clients, giving them the opportunity to participate in various military events and trainings. 

Another important issue is attractive rebates, or commission shares for your orders. With this form of cooperation, every customer whom you refer to us generates a set commission amount, which gives very tangible benefits, especially for group events. 

We hope that these arguments will encourage you to contact our company and discuss the conditions and forms of cooperation.