cooperation integration events

In a modern and well-managed company, effectiveness, motivation, ability to cooperate and coordinate activities are just some of the characteristics that an effective team should have. 
A strong group of employees cooperates much better, it is aware of who in the team has the best skills to achieve the set goals, and also knows how to effectively distribute tasks. It all makes working in such an environment much more efficient and pleasant, in at atmosphere of mutual trust and cooperation of every single member.

One of the methods for effective employee integration are training and shooting events. These types of events are a great way to destress and establish closer bonds between employees. They also help to improve coordination and concentration, teach to work in a team and effectively improve communication.

Who is our offer targeted to?
We would like to capture the interest of all companies and institutions, their employees and contractors. We offer attractive financial terms, as well as loyalty packages for regular customers.

What do we offer during integration events?
As part of our integration meetings, we provide instructors and trainers with all permissions and certificates to conduct shooting trainings.  
Our instructors speak English, which allows makes it possible to organize shooting events for guests from abroad.  During the integration event, participants learn the construction and service of weapons, safety rules and, under the watchful eye of an instructor, they practice shooting with various types of short and long weapons.

A great advantage of our integration events is the acquired skills and knowledge in the field of safe handling and use of weapons. Each of the events we organize is unique and tailored to the client’s requirements and expectations, while providing participants with professional instructors and trainers at the highest level.  Going against the expectations of our customers, as part of our additional offer, we provide catering, as well as other types of field events.

Where do we organize integration meetings?
Due to the convenient access and repeatedly verified conditions of the facility, the main area of our integration events is the Pasternik Shooting Range in Cracow.  Of course, at the customer’s special request, we are able to organize this type of event on any other licensed shooting range in the country. 

If you are interested in establishing cooperation with us and setting up such an integration meeting, please contact us by phone or email to discuss the terms and time in more detail. You can also find more information on our website

Ryszard Swidowski