For companies and schools

Training and courses for companies and schools

Our shooting range in Krakow invites companies, banks, schools, and in particular uniform classes to cooperate and use our services.
We run the following courses and training:

For Uniform Classes, Soldiers, Schools with a military profile and paramilitary organizations:
1. Battlefield Rescue - Combat Lifesaver / Battlefield Rescuer (TCCC)
2. Rope techniques in irregular / anti-terrorist operations
3. Rope techniques in high-altitude rescue
4. Rope techniques using a helicopter
5. Combat and practical shooting
6. Land special operations (green tactic scope)
7. "FAST ROPE" fast rope technician with the use of a helicopter platform
8. Irregular activities (in the urban infrastructure, in the mountain environment, in the water environment)
9. Shooting training
Trainings are conducted by experienced instructors, former professional soldiers, military enthusiasts and members of pro-defense / paramilitary associations.
The trainings allow you to acquire skills that will be additionally scored during recruitment to selected services

We conduct training courses for the needs of uniformed services and classes:
- non-governmental organizations of a paramilitary nature (except for the course, see point 6)

Decision No. 420 / MON of the Minister of National Defense of September 12, 2008. on the introduction of the professional training system for professional soldiers in the Armed Forces of the Republic of Poland (Official Journal of the Ministry of National Defense No. 18, item 241)
Regulation of the Minister of National Defense of September 15, 2014. on the training of professional soldiers (Journal of Laws of 2014, item 1352)
We provide course programs only:
- after positive verification of the candidates
- after paying the entire course fee
- in printed form (for internal use only)

Security companies, security guards, Banks

Shooting training for companies, banks and people applying for the entry of a qualified security guard and for training of security personnel

- rules of safe use and handling of weapons and rules of safe behavior on the shooting range;
- the law on weapons and ammunition
- shooting techniques and attitudes
- shooting from a pistol, revolver, submachine gun, rifle, smooth-barreled shotgun
- improving shooting techniques

As a training center and training center, we run certified courses.

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