To meet the expectations of our clients, our offer consists of several categories:

Integration events - corporate events - events  
The offer is addressed to companies, organized tourist groups and individuals. As part of this offer, we anticipate categories such as shooting (packages), 
- Company events
- Stag Party, Bachelorette parties
- Occasional events

Gift vouchers
- shooting voucher - the perfect gift for any occasion

– We teach safe use of weapons and improvement of shooting techniques
- packages / If you want to shoot with many types of weapons - this offer is for you
- shooting training / A series of trainings on many levels, from beginner to advanced. Here you can start your adventure with weapons as well as improve your skills with short-range and long-range weapons.
- Individual and training trap/skeet shooting
- Preparatory courses for working with weapons
- Preparatory courses for shooting license exams
- Preparatory courses for firearms license exams
- Preparatory courses for employees of uniformed services
- Courses for security staff  
- Certified and instructor courses in combat and practical shooting
- Shooting Cracow and training courses for uniformed classes

- Certified courses and trainings
- Instructor courses

- Certified TCCC/Combat Lifesaver/Battlefield rescuer courses and trainings
TCCC/Combat Lifesaver/Battlefield Rescuer Instructor courses


We run trainings, after which we issue instructor (professional) qualifications in the scope of:
- combat shooting instructor
- battlefield rescue instructor
- rope rescue technician instructor in irregular/anti-terrorist activities
- rope rescue technician instructor in high-altitude rescue.
We own appropriate logistics facilities: weapons, shooting range, off-road vehicles, high-altitude gear. Our instructors are former and present soldiers of Special Forces and Special Services.