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Thank you for visiting us! Come and shoot with us. We teach how to shoot and use different types of firearm.

We plan company events, integration events, shooting, and stag parties / hen parties. You can find a course and study materials for the following firearms license exams in our offer: collector’s, object, sports, personal and property protection, firearms license, and shooting license.

Find the package for yourself after familiarizing yourself with the Gotoshoot offer in Krakow.

Men-only gatherings where neither the prospective groom nor the guests should get bored.

The attendees of your company’s event will contribute a lot of emotions and take on a unique personality.

Birthday celebrations at our range are not only enjoyable but also life-changing events that you will never forget.

Shooting classes are designed for those who want to begin their journey as beginning shooters.


Individuals, businesses, and organized groups, as well as Polish and foreign tourists, are all eligible for our offer. You can find a course and study materials for the following firearms license exams in our offer: shooting, sports, protection of people and property, collector’s, object, and object. We coordinate stag parties / hen parties, shootings, company events, and integration activities.
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Shooting Range GotoShoot (Wks -Wawel) - Cracow

The indoor facility, which is situated in the heart of Krakow at Podchorążych 3 Street, serves as our primary shooting range and is where we spend the majority of our training and conducting different types of shooting activities. The shooting range is very well connected because of its location. Its convenient location, which offers excellent access to public transportation, ensures easy access from anywhere in the city. However, there will be a sizable and free parking lot available for those who prefer to arrive by their own means of transportation right at the facility’s entrance.

This indoor (underground) range allows shooting with a variety of firearms, including combat and sporting rifles, shotguns, and long and short guns of different calibers. Target conveyors are a feature of shooting stations that make it simple to change the distance at which the shooting targets are placed. No matter the season, shooting takes place in a comfortable environment thanks to the air conditioning in the location.



Specialized shooting training and courses are part of our offering. We offer them to people with various levels of expertise and advancement, as well as to people with no prior knowledge of firearms.

We will help you get ready for the written and practical tests for a collector and sports firearms permit. Our knowledgeable instructors will modify the training’s mode and scope to match your skill level. You won’t feel pressured when taking the firearms license exam after taking our course. We will assist you throughout the entire permitting process as well.
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Gotoshoot is not only leisure shooting. If you want to obtain a firearms licence, join our shooting academy! We offer you complex courses and training that will help you pass final exam. We will also guide you through all the formalities of the difficult procedure of obtaining a firearms licence. Are you interested in our Cracow Shooting Academy? Find out more about our courses!

Shooting Packages

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80 PLN
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240 PLN
240 PLN
280 PLN

Customers opinion

Barrington Security
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Had an absolute fantastic day out with my friends for my Stag do. The staff were great, very friendly and helpful and professional. We did the Rambo package, well priced and just a brilliant experience for all of us. Highly recommended 😎👌👏👏
Steve Nolan
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Absolutely a must go! The guys were so helpful and English was spot on ! My mrs was left handed and was no problem at all.
Neill Gregson
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Had a really enjoyable experience at the shooting range. The staff were friendly and super helpful. Would definitely recommend anyone visiting Krakow to visit the shooting range.
Robert Wyszomirski
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Incredible firearm training. Staff is professional. Was able to pass the exam for a firearms license. Highly recommend.
Jason Hobman
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Really friendly and professional place. I was a terrible aim but a great experience
Daan Vermunt
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Really cool activity! Nice place to shoot for the first time in this relatively new range. Really nice, helpful and professional staff. Would recommend anyone to go here!
magdalena petruczenko
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The best people and place to start your journey with shooting. Highly recommend!


If you are looking for a good and original gift for someone from your family, friend or acquaintance, an occasional voucher for recreational shooting in

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Integration Party

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Krakow Shooting Range - Questions and Answers

Almost everyone is welcome to use the shooting range. Please be aware that minors must be accompanied by an adult and, of course, under the instructor’s supervision. After signing the book and paying the fee, those who have a permit and their own gun are free to use the range on their own.

The shooting range manager sets the shooting costs, which primarily cover the cost of ammunition, instructor compensation, the shooting range itself, and incidental expenses like media. Depending on the option we select, the price per hour of pleasure could be anywhere from PLN 100 to PLN 600.

On the condition that you sign the book and pay for the shooting position, you may, of course, use your own firearm at the shooting range.

Depending on how much ammunition we use, the cost of basic firearms and a shooting course could be anywhere between PLN 350 and PLN 500.

The cost could be several thousand PLN, though, if the course is more in-depth and covers topics such as combat shooting, first aid on the battlefield, or tactics in addition to the fundamentals.

Minors are permitted to use the shooting range’s services, but they must be supervised by a different adult and, of course, a qualified instructor.

You can plan integration activities at the shooting range, where the group can engage in friendly competition on the sports field. If the infrastructure is there to support it, this can be combined with a bonfire or barbecue.

Entertainment events, such as stag, hen, or birthday parties, perform well.

Every foreigner can take advantage of the offer of a given shooting range, of course under the supervision of an instructor.

No, if you use the shooting range offer together with the supervision of an instructor.

Depending on the offer, each shooting range has a specific weapon that may be used. You can find historical firearms in addition to popular firearm models.

Currently, it is getting more and more expensive due to the rising cost of ammunition, but it is hard to say whether it is expensive or not; it all depends on your budget.

It doesn’t cost much to buy a firearm in and of itself, especially if we buy a popular and used one. Depending on how often they are used, spending on ammunition and shooting ranges will rise. As a result, we can easily control it and modify it to fit the budget at hand.