Fashion for original and unusual event events is becoming more and more common in our country, so it’s no wonder that stag nights organized by our team have become an integral part of our offer.

Organize a stag party in Cracow

What is GotoShoot StagParty?

It is nothing but a bachelor party organized by our instructors at the shooting range. It is an event at which the future groom, together with his friends, can try their luck in shooting at the target and learning about the types and models of weapons.

Where does the event take place, and what are its requirements?

The event is organized at the selected shooting range, where all participants are examined with a breathalyser before it starts. This is due to the basic safety rules, so you should plan before starting the evening escapade.

Do participants need weapons skills?

Our instructors will conduct training on the principles of handling and using weapons, as well as its safe use, before everyone starts.

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Who is GotoShoot StagParty for?

The offer is directed to practically everyone, this type of event can be planned by the bride or the closest friends. It also happens that the groom decides before the evening out to invite friends for this type of unusual entertainment.

Why should you opt for GotoShoot StagParty?

First of all, we provide great fun and relaxation, under the watchful eye of properly trained shooting and battlefield instructors. Stag night with us is full of emotions and a lot of impressions from shooting with short and long weapons. Everyone who has ever spent time with us at a StagParty party knows perfectly well that this is not a waste of time. Appropriate knowledge of types of weapons, its construction and proper use is something that, in addition to great fun, guarantees GoToShoot.

How to order StagParty from us?

If you plan to spend a bachelor party with us at the shooting range, or order it for your friends, just call +48 503-800-949. Together, we will help you choose the right package tailored to the participants and duration of the event. Contact us !!!

We invite you to contact us and book the date of such an event, we provide our customers with discretion and support in the implementation of an additional setting for such an event.