Shooting range Katowice |

We have three shooting range locations, see below: Cracow , Katowice (Jaworzno ) , Sławków 

Shooting Cracow (Pasternik)

Due to convenient access and tested conditions of the facility, the main area of our activity is the Pasternik shooting range in Krakow (Pasternik 128 Street, 31-354 Kraków).
Pasternik is a shooting range which allows to pursue practically any type of shooting. The main facility consists of several dozen indoor shooting stands for 25 and 50m, and a shooting axis at 100m. The shooting range also features trap and skeet axes.
The shooting range in Krakow also has space for integration events, company events, catering and meetings at the grill or campfire.
The shooting range features a lecture hall adapted to conduct training.

Weapons available at the shooting range Pasternik
Arsenal of weapons at the Pasternik shooting range in Cracow
Shooting range Krakow - Pasternik
Shooting at the Krakow shooting range
Pasternik Shooting Range Krakow - available weapons
Shooting Krakow - Pasternik shooting range


We work in a few shooting ranges in and around Katowice.

Jaworzno Shooting Range

The shooting range is located between Krakow and Katowice - Energetyków 2A Street, 43-603 Jaworzno.
Jaworzno Shooting Range is located 30 minutes away from the Krakow Balice Airport, 15 minutes from the center of Katowice and 25 minutes from the Katowice Pyrzowice Airport.
The shooting range has a sport and combat character. We have a 100m shooting axis and a shooting pavilion from 10 to 50m. There are also trap, skeet and parkour axes.
We also have axes and terrain dedicated for dynamic shooting. On top of that, there are two conference rooms for up to 150 people and catering facilities.

Shooting Range Katowice, Jaworzno
Shooting stands at the shooting range in Jaworzno
Outdoor shooting range - Katowice, Jaworzno
Targets at the Jaworzno shooting range Katowice
Conference room - Jaworzno shooting range
Pavilion at the shooting range in Katowice and Jaworzno

Sławków Shooting Range

This area is situated in close proximity to Olkusz, a 30 minutes’ drive from Factory Kraków - Modlniczka.
It is an open area where we conduct dynamic and tactical shooting, as well as a number of training sessions in cooperation with former special forces soldiers.
We also conduct a large part of our trainings at the Bochnia (Pogwizdów) Shooting Range at Strzelecka Street.

Ultimately, we intend to cooperate and offer our services at most shooting ranges around Krakow and the whole of Lesser Poland. To meet your expectations, we can reach every shooting range located in Poland.