Training and shooting courses

Shooting training

  • Dynamic shooting
  • Combat and practical shooting, including:
  • Training / instructor courses
  • Training and basic courses with elements of various levels of advancement

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Preparatory before taking the exams for:

  • Firearms license
  • Permission to possess weapons (work with weapons, object weapons, protection)
  • Shooting patent
  • Collectible weapons

The course covers issues related to the legal aspects of weapons and ammunition, safety, and practice - shooting.

  • We carry out the necessary procedures
  • We prepare for the theoretical and practical exam
  • We will learn to shoot
  • We will show you how to safely use a weapon

Training for uniformed classes on selected issues of shooting, rescue and rope techniques.
Please contact us to adjust the level and issue of the training.

Shooting training at the GoToShoot shooting range in Krakow

We also invite you to check the English version of the website: Shooting Cracow.

Level I - Basic
The training is intended both for people with no experience in the use of firearms and beginner shooters, as well as for gun owners who want to improve the technique of using a pistol or rifle while maintaining all safety rules.

Level II - Medium
The shooting training at level 2 is intended for people improving their shooting skills. During the classes, you improve the skills acquired at previous levels and start learning new, more demanding elements.

Level III - Advanced
The shooting training is intended for people who have their own weapons and a solid foundation in shooting. The program is selected individually according to the needs and skills.

The program of all trainings is adjusted to the skills and expectations in such areas as: combat, dynamic and sports shooting.

  • security
  • shooting attitudes
  • work on the trigger
  • how to operate a short / long weapon
  • how to move with weapons
  • how to shoot dynamically / in combat
  • How to clear jams


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Survival training krakow

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 Adventure shooting

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Combat shooting:

- Introduction to gun combat shooting
1. Safety rules in the use of handguns 2. The principle of operation of a given example of a short weapon 3. Conditions for shooting accurately 4. Overview of equipment 5. Pistol reloading techniques 6. Techniques for replacing the magazine 7. Working on the trigger 8. Shooting postures while standing, kneeling, lying down a. Two-handed shooting - pistol in the right hand b. Two-handed shooting - a pistol in the left hand c. One-handed shooting - a pistol in the right hand d. One-handed shooting - a pistol in the left hand 9. Clearing jams
- Combat shooting from a pistol
1. Quick draw (target at the front, rear and sides) 2. Quick reload (target at the front, rear and sides) 3. Improving the work on the trigger - doublets and triplets 4. Quick change of magazines 5. Moving fire 6 Shooting in motion
- Introduction to combat shooting with the AKM, AR 15 kbk
1. Safety rules in the use of firearms 2. Principles of operation of the AKM, AR 153 kbk. Conditions of shooting at a target 4. Overview of the equipment 5. Reloading techniques of the AKM, AR 15 kbk 6. Magazine replacement techniques 7. Working with the trigger 8. Standing shooting positions, kneeling, lying down - with carabiners in right and left hands 9. Clear jams
- Combat shooting with the AKM, AR 15 kbk
1. Quick fold (target at the front, rear and sides) 2. Quick reload (target at the front, rear and sides) 3. Improving the trigger work - doublets and triplets 4. Quick change of magazines 5. Moving fire 6. Shooting in motion
- Pistol and tactical rifle
1. Quick passes pistol - carabiner, carabiner - pistol 2. Work on curtains pistol and carabiner

Clay Pigeon Shooting

Individual and group training programs

  • Trap / Skeet competitions
  • recreational shooting

Shooting training for people applying for entry of a qualified security guard. Improvement of security personnel.

  • rules of safe use and handling of weapons and rules of safe behavior on the shooting range;
  • shooting techniques and attitudes;
  • shooting from a pistol, revolver, submachine gun, rifle, smooth barrel shotgun.

Off-duty persons are required to participate in instructor training courses and training in the following areas:

  • Combat and special shooting
  • Land special operations

Show a certificate from the National Criminal Register. Persons punished for an intentional act are not allowed to participate in the above-mentioned courses.
Participants in instructor courses are required to have a high school diploma.