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Shooting Krakow and Shooting Range Cracow

Thank you for visiting us! Come and shoot with us. We teach how to shoot. We will take care of your safety.

Our offer is targeted at individuals, companies, organized groups and Polish as well as foreign tourists. Our offer features a course and preparation for firearms license examination and shooting patent.  We organize corporate and integration events – shooting, bachelor/bachelorette parties - Stag Party Cracow.

Shooting ranges where we work

Krakow shooting range (stadium area Wawel) -Address Podchorążych 3 street (in the center of Krakow)

In this short text, we will try to present the two main facilities we work on, both located in Krakow, although one of them is actually located on the outskirts of the city.

The main shooting range where we spend the most time training and conducting various types of shooting activities is an indoor facility, which is located in the center of Krakow at ul. Podchorążych 3. Due to its location, the shooting range is very well connected, its location with great access to public transport guarantees trouble-free access from anywhere in the city. However, if someone wants to arrive by their own means of transport, there will be a large free parking lot waiting for them right at the entrance to the facility.

The shooting range is part of the sports complex and is located in the Wawel sports club, so the entrance is located right next to the running track of the athletics stadium and leads underground, as the entire facility is hidden under the sports hall.

Inside, we have 8 shooting tracks divided into two sections. The first one has 3 positions and is designed for each type of small arms, i.e. pistol, rifle and shotgun.

In the second room we will find 5 tracks where we can shoot with short weapons and long weapons, but only with pistol ammunition, this division results from the types of bullet traps used and their ability to absorb bullet energy.

Each track is equipped with a target conveyor, which allows the shooter to send his target at any distance from the stand, up to 25m. This solution makes the firing positions independent of others, in other words, you do not have to stop firing on the entire perimeter if you want to check the result on any target.

It is worth noting that thanks to the fact that the facility is covered, there are always comfortable conditions inside, regardless of the weather outside.

Pasternik shooting range - Pasternik 128

The next location is the Pasternik shooting range, which took its name from the street where it is located, Pasternik 128, as I mentioned earlier, it is located at the exit from Krakow towards Katowice.

Pasternik is a large object with several zones, it is a typical open shooting range, roofed in the rifle and pistol parts. It offers several pistol positions with targets at a distance of 25 m and the same number of rifle positions at 50 m. Unfortunately, it does not have shield conveyors, which forces frequent breaks to control the shields when the occupancy is greater.

The second zone that can be distinguished is the field for shooting pellets, i.e. shotguns. For use by shooters, there are two fields for trap and skeet competition, i.e. popularly known as darts, as well as stations and tracks for training a dynamic or practical shotgun, if you prefer. The available infrastructure allows for full-size competitions in these competitions.

In addition, the shooting range has numerous places where you can organize a barbecue or light a bonfire, which is often used during the organization of corporate events and other events. The facility, although quite old, has its own atmosphere and is very much liked by the shooting community.

Contact : +48 503800949 / info@gotoshoot.com

Stag Parties Cracow

Courses and trainings in Shooting Range Krakow

Our courses and trainings in Cracow are conducted for people with varying degrees of knowledge and advancement, as well as for those who do not have experience with firearms.

GotoShoot - Shooting range Cracow - offers gift certificates/vouchers that are an ideal gift for: a partner, friend, boyfriend, girlfriend, friend, family. A voucher with a purchased shooting package is the perfect gift for any occasion.

Shooting Range Krakow  - packages

We offer shooting packages. Packages are the best solution for people who are just taking their first steps or want to learn about shooting from various types of firearms at an affordable price. There is something for everyone here. You haven’t had the opportunity to shoot yet, but are passionate about firearms? The shooting package is the best choice to make your dream come true under the watchful eye of our instructor.

Our experienced instructors will take care of your safety and provide you with the necessary protective equipment. After a security and weapon training, you will be shown our rich arsenal of short and long Glock pistols, UZI to classic AK47 - Kalashnikov, shotguns and many more.

Check your dexterity, precision and self-control with Gotoshoot at the shooting range in Cracow

The main location of our events and trainings is the shooting range in Krakow.  Of course, at the special request of the client, we can organize such events on any other licensed shooting range in the country. 

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Contact : +48 503800949 / info@gotoshoot.com

Frequently asked questions about the Krakow shooting range - FAQ

1. Who can shoot at the Shooting Range Cracow?

Virtually everyone can use the shooting range, remember that minors must be accompanied by a guardian and, of course, under the supervision of an instructor. People who have a permit and their own weapons can use the shooting range on their own after entering the book and paying the fee.

2. How much does shooting at the shooting range cost?

The costs of shooting are determined by the manager of the shooting range, they mainly include the cost of ammunition, the instructor's salary, the salary of the shooting range itself, and additional costs, such as utilities, depending on the option we choose, the costs may range from PLN 100 to even 500- 600 for an hour of pleasure.

3. Can I use my own weapons at the shooting range?

Of course, you can use your own firearm at the shooting range, provided you sign in the book and pay for the shooting position.

4. What is the cost of a shooting course at a professional shooting range?

Depending on the course itself. If it is a basic firearms and shooting course, the price may range from 350 to 500 PLN, depending on how much ammunition we use.

If, on the other hand, it is a more extensive course, where, in addition to the basics, issues related to combat shooting, first aid on the battlefield or tactics will be discussed, the price may reach several thousand.

5. Can minors use the shooting range services?

Minors can use the services of the shooting range, but they must be under the care of a separate adult and, of course, experienced instructor.

6. What events can be organized at the shooting range?

Integration events can be organized at the shooting range, where the group can compete with each other on the sports field, it can be combined with a fire or barbecue, if the available infrastructure allows it.

Entertainment events such as stag parties, hen parties or birthdays do well.

7. Can a foreigner use the services of our shooting range?

Every foreigner can take advantage of the offer of a given shooting range, of course under the supervision of an instructor.

8. Do I need to have any certificates or licenses to shoot a firearm?

No, if you use the shooting range with the care of an instructor.

9. What types of weapons are available at the shooting range?

Each shooting range has its own weapons that can be used, depending on the offer. In addition to popular models of weapons, you can also find weapons, e.g. historical ones.

10. Is shooting as a sport expensive?

At the moment, it is becoming more and more expensive, which is caused by the constantly growing prices of ammunition, but it is difficult to say whether it is expensive, it all depends on the wealth of the wallet.

The purchase of the weapon itself does not involve large expenses, especially when we buy popular and used weapons, the expenditure on ammunition and shooting ranges will increase depending on the frequency of use, so we can easily control it and adjust it to the current budget.



Gotoshoot Cracow Shooting Range (Wawel)
We organize activities and training at shooting ranges in Krakow / Cracow - including the indoor (underground) shooting range in the center of Krakow, located at Podchorążych Street. It is a modern air-conditioned facility that allows comfortable shooting.

We offer the organization of events at the shooting range, during which participants have the opportunity to shoot various types of firearms under the supervision of experienced shooting instructors, as well as the organization of professional shooting training. We invite both individuals and groups organized as part of various types of events to the shooting range, such as, for example, corporate events, hen parties, stag parties, meetings with friends and many others. You will find here real weapons known from many popular film productions, such as Glock, Kalashnikov, UZI or Shotgun!

We have a wide range of firearms from rimfire sports weapons to powerful sniper rifles. With us you will shoot pistols, revolvers, submachine guns, carbines, rifles and shotguns. We enable shooting under the supervision of experienced instructors from many models of weapons. We shoot real firearms that are used by the police or the army. You can see selected examples of our weapons in the photo gallery or on our website.

Shooting packages are an excellent choice for people starting their adventure with shooting. It is undoubtedly an interesting proposition that allows you to try shooting with different types of firearms - different calibers, with different principles of operation.

We also have an open shooting range in Brzezinka near Skawina and Cracow. At the shooting range in Brzezinka, you can organize picnics, bonfires and barbecues. It is the largest facility of this type in the area, which has shooting axes of various construction, allowing for various shooting with the use of various types of firearms. The shooting range in Brzezinka is an open facility offering many opportunities for training, combat and dynamic shooting with the use of covers and many targets. Additionally, we have the Steel Alive shooting training system.

Shooting range Cracow,
Due to the convenient access and repeatedly checked conditions of the object, the main area of our activities is the Pasternik shooting range in Cracow (ul. Pasternik 128, 31-354 Cracow).

Pasternik is a shooting range, where you can practice basically every type of shooting. The main facility consists in several dozens of 25 and 50 m indoor shooting stands and a 100 m shooting range. The shooting range has a lecture hall which is adapted for conducting trainings.

Pasternik shooting range, is a well-connected shooting range in Cracow, with good access both from the city centre (8km) as well as from outside Cracow thanks to its close location to the Cracow bypass and the Balice airport.

Cracow shooting range - beside indoor axis, Pasternik allows you to enjoy shooting in autumn and winter, it also features open axis, which are a great place to conduct training, corporate/integration events, parties.

Cracow shooting range - Pasternik is also a great place for events such as birthdays, as well as bachelor and bachelorette parties. Cracow shooting range - Pasternik with Gotoshoot.com is also a great tourist attraction for guests and tourists visiting Cracow.

A large part of our training can also be conducted at the shooting range in Cracow at Fabryczna Street and in Bochnia (Pogwizdow) at Strzelecka Street. Ultimately, we intend to cooperate and offer our services at the majority of Cracow shooting ranges around the whole of Malopolska. And to meet your expectations, we can travel to any shooting range located in Poland.

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