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Thank you for visiting us! Come and shoot with us. We teach how to shoot. We will take care of your safety.

Our offer is targeted at individuals, companies, organized groups and Polish as well as foreign tourists. Our offer features a course and preparation for firearms license examination and shooting patent.  We organize corporate and integration events – shooting, bachelor/bachelorette parties - Stag Party Cracow.

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Stag Parties Cracow

Courses and trainings in Shooting Range Krakow

Our courses and trainings in Cracow are conducted for people with varying degrees of knowledge and advancement, as well as for those who do not have experience with firearms.

GotoShoot - Shooting range Cracow - offers gift certificates/vouchers that are an ideal gift for: a partner, friend, boyfriend, girlfriend, friend, family. A voucher with a purchased shooting package is the perfect gift for any occasion.

Shooting Range Krakow  - packages

We offer shooting packages. Packages are the best solution for people who are just taking their first steps or want to learn about shooting from various types of firearms at an affordable price. There is something for everyone here. You haven’t had the opportunity to shoot yet, but are passionate about firearms? The shooting package is the best choice to make your dream come true under the watchful eye of our instructor.

Our experienced instructors will take care of your safety and provide you with the necessary protective equipment. After a security and weapon training, you will be shown our rich arsenal of short and long Glock pistols, UZI to classic AK47 - Kalashnikov, shotguns and many more.

Check your dexterity, precision and self-control with Gotoshoot at the shooting range in Cracow

The main location of our events and trainings is the Pasternik shooting range in Krakow.  Of course, at the special request of the client, we can organize such events on any other licensed shooting range in the country. 

New shooting range !!!
Shooting range GOTOSHOOT Krakow
- Modern shooting range is located close to the city center of Kraków at ul. Podchorążych 3 Street, 30-084 Kraków, on the premises of the WKS Wawel sports club (next to the stadium). The facility is located less than 2 kilometers from the Main Market Square in Krakow, which makes this location very attractive.

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Contact : +48 503800949 / info@gotoshoot.com



Shooting range Cracow,
Due to the convenient access and repeatedly checked conditions of the object, the main area of our activities is the Pasternik shooting range in Cracow (ul. Pasternik 128, 31-354 Cracow).
Pasternik is a shooting range, where you can practice basically every type of shooting. The main facility consists in several dozens of 25 and 50 m indoor shooting stands and a 100 m shooting range. The shooting range has a lecture hall which is adapted for conducting trainings.
Pasternik shooting range, is a well-connected shooting range in Cracow, with good access both from the city centre (8km) as well as from outside Cracow thanks to its close location to the Cracow bypass and the Balice airport.
Cracow shooting range - beside indoor axis, Pasternik allows you to enjoy shooting in autumn and winter, it also features open axis, which are a great place to conduct training, corporate/integration events, parties.
Cracow shooting range - Pasternik is also a great place for events such as birthdays, as well as bachelor and bachelorette parties. Cracow shooting range - Pasternik with Gotoshoot.com is also a great tourist attraction for guests and tourists visiting Cracow.
A large part of our training can also be conducted at the shooting range in Cracow at Fabryczna Street and in Bochnia (Pogwizdow) at Strzelecka Street. Ultimately, we intend to cooperate and offer our services at the majority of Cracow shooting ranges around the whole of Malopolska. And to meet your expectations, we can travel to any shooting range located in Poland.
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