If you are looking for a good and original gift for someone from your family, friend or acquaintance, an occasional voucher for recreational shooting in Krakow will be a great choice. One of such events was organized by us not so long ago, the client received a voucher for shooting training as a birthday gift, where together with friends, while having great fun and under the watchful eye of an instructor, they had shooting training, a shooting course and training in the use of weapons (below we present some photos from this event).

Vouchers offered by us are a perfect gift for everyone. Do you want to give someone from your family, friend or employee something original? It is worth considering buying such a gift from us. It will not only be original, but will contribute to expanding knowledge about weapons, their use and when and how we can use them. Thanks to our qualified shooting instructors and under their watchful eye, the youngest can also learn how to use firearms, which is why our offer can be an excellent form of spending free time for the whole family.