Integration Party

Contemporary integration events more and more often take the form of outdoor meetings, at various types of bonfires, sleigh rides or bicycle trips. Recently, one of the more attractive forms for such meetings is shooting training, organized at shooting ranges or facilities appropriately adapted for this purpose.

In August this year, we had the opportunity to organize this type of meeting for one of the companies. Professionally prepared catering, combined with a presentation and training in the use of weapons, turned out to be a very interesting way to spend free time. Under the watchful eye of our specialists in the field of gun handling and shooting, the guests had the opportunity to test their skills at our shooting range in Krakow and learn about the principle of gun handling and operation. The event was social and the guests passed in a nice and pleasant atmosphere.

Many people had contact with weapons for the first time, thanks to which the professionalism and skills of our instructors contributed significantly to introducing them to the knowledge of weapons, their storage, and the rules of using them.