The interest and development of shooting sports in our country is increasing year by year. More and more people use shooting ranges as part of various types of training, events, shooting events or competitions. Recently, sports shooting ranges have also become a place where, for example, gentlemen spend bachelor parties or social meetings combined with competition in target shooting. All this means that the need to create and operate such facilities as shooting ranges is by all means justified, and should be largely supported by state and local government institutions.

The interest in shooting sport can be seen, for example, in Krakow itself, where there are about 1,500 licensed people in the city alone. In addition, there are shooting clubs, such as the youth shooting section of Wisła Kraków, and many other enthusiasts of this sport. Of course, many of them use the most popular facility, i.e. the Pasternik shooting range, where they have the opportunity to practice and train their shooting skills under the supervision of instructors and trainers.

Pasternik shooting range

The Pasternik Kraków shooting range itself is a large facility of several hectares, subleased by the Military Property Agency to a private tenant. Thanks to this, service employees, instructors and private weapons enthusiasts have been able to train and train there for many years. The Pasternik shooting range is also a place where various competitions and events are held, not only for the Krakow shooting community. The facility is often visited by people coming from other regions of Poland, and even from abroad. It is safe to say that there is no person in Krakow and its vicinity associated with the shooting industry who would not know this shooting range, and at least once did not use it, especially since it is the only such large facility within a radius of several kilometers from the city.

For all those who have not yet had the opportunity to use the Pasternik shooting range, we present photos below, and we encourage you to contact us. We organize shooting trainings for guests from Poland and abroad at this facility, giving the opportunity to shoot with various types of handguns and long guns under the watchful eye of an instructor. For more information, call our phone number: + 48 503 800 949