Collector’s Weapon License

COLLECTOR’S PERMIT – Weapons license in 60 days

The first step to collecting weapons, which must be done, is joining a collector’s association. We can join a local or national association.

What is the cost of joining the association? In many cases, joining and membership can be free (e.g. or range from PLN 10-300.

Before taking the exam, we should improve our shooting skills and take care of the appropriate level of theoretical knowledge in the field of firearms safety and handling.

Therefore, it is worth doing regular training at the shooting range under the supervision of an instructor for several months. We have to learn safety procedures, get to know the manual operation of several popular weapons and learn the basics of shooting, to the extent that we can pass the exam before the Police. In addition to practical skills, it will be necessary to familiarize yourself with the Act on Weapons and Ammunition and the relevant provisions of the Penal Code.

The costs of preparation are difficult to estimate, for some only a few visits are enough, for others it will take more time, but from experience we can say that mastering the gun causes the most problems.


The exam that we will take in front of the WPA commission is difficult, it is worth preparing for it thoroughly in terms of content and practice. Unfortunately, the cost is not low, it is PLN 1,150, the correction will cost an additional PLN 575.

The first part of the exam consists of the theoretical part (10 questions) which checks the knowledge of the provisions on the possession and use of weapons. The scope of the theoretical part of the exam includes the knowledge of the provisions of the Act of 21 May 1999 on weapons and ammunition and the implementing regulations issued on its basis, as well as the knowledge of the provisions of the Penal Code regarding crimes related to weapons. Unfortunately, most of the people live in this part.

The practical part includes checking the ability to use weapons (unfolding, folding, loading, unloading, securing, unlocking, removing malfunctions) and a shooting test. In this part, it is crucial to keep the safety rules, listen to and follow the commands of the shooting leader.

The practical part is about achieving the right results on the dial

– pistol min. 35/60 points, 6 shots at 15 meters, standing

– rifle 8/10 shots in a “Frenchman” type target at a distance of 50 meters, prone position

-shotgun 3 shots at the target from a distance of 15 meters


After successfully passing the exam, as in every case of applying for a firearms license, we will have to visit a doctor. On the website of each WPA you can find a list of doctors authorized to perform this type of examination. The cost is about PLN 400-600 depending on the region of the country. We are waiting for a meeting with a psychologist, and a psychological IQ test, an interview with a psychiatrist, an ophthalmologist, the final decision is made by the certifying physician who issues an opinion for the WPA. Typically, all tests can be completed in one day.

WPA tests are only valid for 3 months.

The last stage is to collect a set of documents, so we need to prepare:

1. Certificate of belonging to a shooting association
2. Medical examinations (original)
3. Confirmation of payment of the stamp duty PLN 242 to the account of the City Hall
4. Two photos in the 3cm x 4cm format
5. Application for a gun permit for collector purposes

In the application, we specify the number of weapons for which we are applying, as an important reason for its possession, we submit a “certificate of membership in a collector’s association”. It is worth properly arguing the declared number of weapons, but usually when applying for 10 weapons, the application does not experience any delays.

The administrative decision should reach us within a month.

Training at the Krakow Gotoshoot shooting range costs PLN 250 per hour + the cost of ammunition (including learning materials)