How to store firearms – the principles of Polish law?

Watching American films, you can pay attention to the fact how many people in the United States own firearms. It’s not that popular in Poland. However, those who would like to have a copy in their collection must familiarize themselves with the rules and regulations of Polish law in this field.

Polish legislation on the storage of weapons

The provisions regarding the ownership of firearms are regulated by the Act of 21 May 1999 on weapons and ammunition (i.e. Journal of Laws of 2019, item 284, as amended), executive acts and the Directive

Council No. 91/477/EC of 18 June 1991 on control of the acquisition and possession of arms.

Polish legislation in this field is very strict. The rules are the same regardless of the number of pieces you have. Gun owners should follow three basic gun storage rules.

must not be loaded,
ammunition must not be in the magazine,
cartridges must be well secured. They cannot be placed in places easily accessible to other members of the household.
Violation of any of these rules may result in the revocation of your firearms license. Compliance with them is important because in the event of a serious accident or when a person uses it for nefarious purposes, it may end in tragedy and result in criminal consequences.

Weapon storage locker

In accordance with the principles of Polish law, a person possessing a weapon must store it in a specially prepared locker. It is important that it meets the specified requirements of at least class S1. All necessary information is included in the PN-EN 14450 standard.

The owner should therefore obtain metal gun cabinets. Free-standing and built-in versions are available on the market.

Rules for antique gun collectors

Slightly different rules apply to owners of collector weapons. The act in this case allows the use of glass cases for storage. However, the purchase of such a wardrobe is associated with high costs. In addition, such exposure of antique and valuable weapons in plain sight can be dangerous due to the high risk of theft.

Steel cabinets seem to be more suitable for storing this type of weapon, as they provide greater security without interfering with the possibility of admiring the exhibition.

Rules for storing weapons with large collections

Weapon collectors have in their collections from a few to a dozen or so copies. If you have more than 50 pieces in your home, separate a separate room. It must meet the following requirements:

have an anti-burglary system,
windows must be covered with a metal mesh. It is also possible to install bullet-proof glass,
have a powder extinguisher,
have a door with an anti-burglary system installed,
have a burglary prevention system,

a special device responsible for capturing bullets and unloading weapons.
Keeping guns in your own home is very dangerous and risky for other family members. Especially when children live there. That is why observing the basic rules is so important for the safety of the gun owner and those close to him.

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