Sport shooting – where to start and how much does it cost?

Just a few years ago, sport shooting was not a popular sport in Poland. However, a lot has changed since then. In addition, there is a greater availability of weapons than in the past. This is a facilitation for amateurs of this sport. Read the article and find out where to start and how much sport shooting costs.

How to start practicing this sport?

The first step we should take to start practicing this sport is to go to the shooting range. There we will have access to professional equipment and contact with safe shooting. With any doubts, we will be able to turn to the instructors.

At the very beginning of the road with this sport, it is worth choosing an instructor who will show us the basic activities. Under his supervision, we will be able to develop our own passion. Involved people can join a shooting club. There we will have contact with other people, thanks to which we will exchange experiences. This is an opportunity to get the tips and advice you need. Club members can count on special privileges. One of them is free use of the shooting range or participation in club days.

Those who are serious about it can enroll in a course and then take the exams. However, in this case, appropriate practice and belonging to a club that is entered into the Polish Sport Shooting Association are required. The minimum membership period that allows you to take the exam is 3 months. The exam consists of a theoretical and a practical part. The competitor must know how to handle the weapon and demonstrate shooting skills.

How much does sport shooting Krakow cost?

People who want to try it can sign up for the shooting range and pay a one-time admission fee. Club membership is associated with higher fees. It is necessary to pay membership fees and make annual fees. The average cost of the registration fee in the club is about PLN 2,000, and the premiums and fees can amount to several hundred PLN. If we have a permit for weapons and ammunition, we can use our own equipment. However, when we do not have such things, we can use those available at the shooting range. This involves further costs.

In larger cities we have an easier choice, because there are more shooting ranges than in smaller cities. We can choose a club that does not have a large financial barrier. We might get lucky and find a place that doesn’t require an entry fee. Regular meetings of members are held at the shooting ranges. Both beginners and advanced people are enrolled in the clubs.

Is a firearms license necessary?

You can shoot at the shooting range even if you don’t have a gun permit. However, you must have a document confirming your identity with you – an ID card. People without ID will probably not be allowed to enter the shooting range. You must also sign in the book and enter your own details. This is necessary because not all people coming to the shooting range have a gun permit. However, under the supervision of a professional, such permission is not a necessity.

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