Since our last entry enjoyed quite a lot of interest among you, and there were a lot of questions about instructor link training, we decided to bring this topic a bit closer. First of all, we must start with the fact that both battlefield rescue and effective operational and military activities in the field require us to master rope techniques, at least to a basic extent. The ability to climb, tie appropriate knots, or descend, for example, from helicopter platforms will not be possible without proper training in rope techniques.

Of course, rope training is widely used in the military, all kinds of uniformed services are directed to this type of training, such as firemen, policemen or border guards, so rope instructor training can be very useful on your further professional path. It is also worth mentioning that a number of works at heights also require appropriate training and certificates confirming skills in the field of rope techniques. Therefore, it is hardly surprising that training in this field and acquiring the appropriate skills of rope techniques at height are also becoming more and more popular among our customers.

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