For many who have tried, shooting has become a great sport and pastime. At the shooting range, they relieve stress, practice patience and self-control. Although shooting seems to be an individual sport, it teaches cooperation and the ability to act in a group during many tasks. That is why various types of integration events and events are organized at shooting ranges more and more often.

On the occasion of such meetings, under the watchful eye of instructors, we also gain a lot of knowledge about the types of weapons and the rules of safe handling, so shooting offers a number of measurable benefits for anyone who wants to become more familiar with this sport.

However, shooting is not only about weapons and the rules of handling them. It is also appropriate instructors and safe facilities where all this takes place. Unfortunately, Krakowska Strzelnica Pasternik has recently become a closed facility, which made it very difficult for local shooting companies, clubs and users of the facility to organize any events and meetings. It was therefore necessary to find a solution that would allow us to continue operations in these very difficult conditions. However, there is no bad thing that would not work out for good, because thanks to this situation, we managed to establish cooperation with a new facility, where we currently organize our shooting events and trainings. The Jaworzno shooting range is a facility located several dozen kilometers from Krakow, but it is well organized and meets all safety rules required by law.

Visiting this facility recently with our clients, we had the opportunity to see for ourselves that it is possible to organize any type of shooting event there, from instructor training to events and shooting bachelor parties. For all those who may be a bit skeptical about changing the shooting range, we present below some photos from our trip, presenting the entire facility with its interiors. We hope that many of you, deciding to shoot with us, will choose the Jaworzno Shooting Range.