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Below you will find basic information on how firearms are built.

The skeleton of a firearm

The skeleton of the weapon consists of metal or composite and is the body of the firearm. The frame consists of several parts, such as the trigger assembly, magazine well, handle, which work together to form one coherent whole.

A barrel with a cartridge chamber

The barrel and the chamber form one whole, it is made of one piece of steel and has a thread on the inside that causes the bullet to rotate.


The breech, or rather the breech assembly, is a movable part of the weapon, in which there are several important parts, such as the firing pin, the firing pin spring, and often the firing pin safety.

lock chamber

This is the element of the weapon that connects the barrel to the trigger mechanism.

Cartridge drum

The cartridge drum is used in revolvers and acts as a magazine in this type of weapon, and the holes in the drum act as chambers for cartridges.


It is an essential part of the firearm that functions as the frame of the firearm, the bolt, and the receiver, even though it is none of these parts. Baskila is a part of a weapon loaded by a fracture. It is used to connect the stock with the barrel and houses the trigger and impact mechanism inside.


A firearm is a mechanical device that uses the force of a propellant to fire a projectile at high velocity towards a target. Firearms have been used for hundreds of years and can be found in many different forms, from pistols and rifles to shotguns and even machine guns.

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