Legal provisions regulating the operation of shooting ranges in Krakow

Running a shooting range in Krakow and throughout Poland is related to restrictive legal regulations that each owner of such a facility must comply with. In 2020, the law has changed, so it’s worth getting acquainted with the rules that apply so as not to expose yourself to penalties and unpleasant situations.

Running a shooting range in the light of the law

Undoubtedly, a shooting range is a specific facility that carries a possible risk of danger to its users and the environment. No wonder, because in this facility or in the open space we deal with weapons that, without the proper care of trained people, can go beyond the control of the users of the shooting range and cause a lot of damage. In order to limit any risk related to the operation of shooting ranges in Krakow and throughout the country, a regulation of the Minister of the Interior and Administration was introduced as early as in 2000, which regulates all issues regarding the functioning and safety of shooting ranges on the basis of model regulations of such a facility.

Shooting range regulations – what’s in it?

The model shooting range regulations developed by the Ministry of the Interior and Administration present the scope of conditions for using the shooting range, specify the duties of the shooting leader and talk about bans on the shooting range.

At the shooting range it is forbidden to:

1) persons accompanying persons using the shooting range to enter the shooting positions and contact with weapons,
2) use the weapons of other persons using the shooting range without the consent of its user,
3) consume alcohol or use drugs and stay at the shooting range under their influence – we read in the regulations.

The Regulations also apply to the person conducting the shooting and define their duties, competence and responsibility. However, it is worth noting that in 2020 the law regarding the shooter has changed.

Leading the shooting – a new law

The very concept of the shooting leader is precisely defined in the model regulations issued by the Ministry of Interior and Administration. And so, by law, it is a person who has undergone training in shooting and providing medical assistance. At this point, everything seems clear and transparent. But these are only appearances, because the old regulations ambiguously defined how the completed training should be documented. In practice, it looked like that it was enough to show the ID card and that was it.

The changes that have taken place concern the granting of authorizations only by PZSS (Polish Sports Shooting Association). In a word, the shooter cannot be a person who does not belong to PZSS. The only concession is for shooting instructors. If she has completed a shooting instructor course, it is enough to apply to the course organizer for a certificate.

Documentation of opening the shooting range

In order to open a shooting range in Krakow or in another region of our country, you have to take into account extensive documentation that must be delivered to local government authorities.

The documents that we complete should include:

—> letters confirming the right to the real estate,
—> permission to build an open shooting range,
—> shooting range maps on which we will mark shooting positions, sanitary point and evacuation route,
—> telephone and internet installation point,
—> a copy of the document that confirms the shooting instructor’s training,
—> a statement of what type of weapon and ammunition we will use at the shooting range,
—> copy of the shooting range certificate.

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