This time the weather was exceptionally good to us during the planned integration event . Several business owners, employees and friends decided to spend time together at the shooting range in Krakow and learn a little more about gun handling and shooting . Although for two of them it was their first contact with weapons, during this one meeting they significantly improved their shooting results , and they have already announced further visits. As you can see, the proverbial “bug” can be caught completely by accident, completely unplanned.

Because the event was reported to us in advance, we also managed to organize presentations and testing of Defcon5 store equipment for our guests, which made the event even more attractive to our customers. The accelerated course in the use of handguns and semi-automatic weapons and shooting resulted in stronger integration of the group and new acquaintances during this training , which, from the point of view of the organizers, was the expected effect of the event. It is also worth mentioning that the interest of the guests in the subject of weapons and its handling was considerable, which can be seen in the attached photos.