GLOCK 17 – characteristics

The Glock 17 is a semi-automatic pistol designed by Glock GmbH, an Austrian arms manufacturer.

The history of the creation of the Glock 17 is related to the competition for the Austrian army, which reported the need to purchase a semi-automatic pistol. The basic requirements for the pistol presented in the competition are:

– powered by 9×19 mm Parabellum cartridges,
– 16 cartridges within the holster,
– safe carrying of the pistol with a cartridge in the chamber

The Glock design met all the requirements and won the competition, and in 1982 the Austrian army introduced the Glock 17 into official use. The characteristic feature of the Glock 17 is the frame of the weapon, which was made of plastic and at the same time it was the first such a popular pistol that had a frame made of such material.

Characteristics of the Glock 17 weapon

The Glock 17 fires from a closed bolt and has a short barrel recoil. The barrel is 114 mm long and has a hexagonal right-handed polygonal tube. When the last bullet is fired, the slide stops in the rear position. The unlocking cartridge is made of steel as well as the guides. The skeleton itself, despite the fact that it is made of plastic and has steel reinforcements. The catch for disassembling the pistol is located on the left side, above the front wall of the bail. The castle was used so-called. spring extractor and a rigid ejector, which is located on the reinforcement of the Glock 17 frame. The construction of the Glock has two main springs, a return spring located under the barrel and a shock spring placed in the slide. The trigger mechanism with partial self-cocking makes the construction of the Austrian company very reliable. The striking mechanism through the shock spring acts directly on the firing pin of the Glock.

A magazine in a Glock 17 pistol

Magazine capacity is 17 rounds. The magazine itself is a box construction with a single-position ammunition exit. The magazine catch itself is located on the left side of the Glock’s frame.

The Glock 17 can also use magazines with a capacity of 19 rounds, 33 rounds and magazines with a capacity of 100 rounds, the so-called C-MAG saddle trucks. The latest models of the Glock 17 are equipped with a universal rail, which is placed at the bottom of the frame, allowing you to mount additional equipment. The front sight and the rear sight are the two basic sights that are placed on the Glock 17 slide. Shooting in low light conditions is facilitated by white dots. One is located on the rear wall of the front sight, while the other two are located on the wall of the rear sight.

Glock 17 – weight, length, application

The weight of the gun is 625 grams, and the total length is 186 mm. The Glock 17 has become a very popular weapon and, apart from the Austrian army, it is used by many armies around the world, including Albania, Bolivia, Montenegro, Latvia, Norway, Great Britain (the famous SAS uses it). The name Glock 17, according to various versions, comes from the 17th Glock patent or 17 cartridges that power this model of a semi-automatic pistol. Many people attribute the creation of the Glock 17 to Gaston Glock, the founder of the Austrian company.

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