Where can you shoot an air rifle?

Shooting with an airgun is fun and an interesting activity that can be practiced practically anywhere, taking into account the basic rules and maintaining common sense! Today’s post will be devoted to shooting with an air gun, because there are many questions and reservations – where and how can you ensure your and others’ safety!

Is it legal to shoot an air rifle?

Airgun shooting is legal and safe. According to the theory, since 1999, the Polish law on air guns for energy below 17J does not treat them as pneumatic weapons. What does it mean? Nothing but the fact that there are no legal restrictions to use air guns without restrictions. This is according to theory, but practice is also important here, because we cannot put the lives and health of people around us at risk. It is known that you should prepare in the right way and choose the right place – after all, to play basketball we go to the right court. The same is true for air rifle shooting.

So where can I shoot?

It is worth emphasizing at the beginning that air guns are broadly divided into limited and over-limited. We can shoot from over the limit machines only on functioning shooting ranges! When it comes to limited, there are much more possibilities!

Shooting on site

The yard in the place of our residence does not carry any restrictions if we are talking about a legal issue. However, in order to ensure the safety of yourself, loved ones and people nearby, you should remember to ensure that the pellets do not hit, for example, a neighbor or shoot too thin material that will not stop our cartridge. The best solution is to have an impenetrable barrier in the form of a wall or embankment.

Shooting in the forest

The legal issue does not prohibit shooting in this place, but it is worth remembering that many forests are private and the owner can call the authorities if he notices that someone has entered his property and is shooting. This is not the only “problem”. The greatest attention should be paid to safety when preparing for shooting – because it is an open space, and thus, at any moment someone can appear between trees or bushes and unknowingly enter our line of fire. And that can have serious consequences. In the case of shooting in the open, it is worth considering whether to put a “caution shooting” sign so that every passerby can exercise due caution.

Shooting in the fields

In this case, you can also use the air gun without any problems. However, it should be remembered that fields, clearings or other places mainly have owners, without whose consent (written or oral) we should not enter the area to shoot. If you already have permission and a place to shoot, you should take care not to shoot at any man who may appear on the horizon.

Shooting with an airgun can be treated as a hobby, fun or a distraction from everyday life. Polish law allows you to use this weapon, but it is worth keeping common sense and thinking about each shot. You should know what range your airgun has so as not to hurt people who may unexpectedly appear on the firing line.

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