Although recreational shooting is becoming more and more popular in our country, there is still a widespread belief that it is a hobby only for tough men, well-versed with weapons. Nothing could be further from the truth, based on the few shooting events we have recently organized, it is clear that shooting courses are great fun for practically everyone and at any age. It doesn’t matter if you are a woman or a man, whether you are 20 or 70, learning to shoot can be great fun for the whole family.

More and more often we also receive people who have received a voucher with a shooting package from friends, acquaintances or family. Sometimes these are people who never planned to visit a shooting range and try their hand at shooting, but after a few shots they find out how great it is to spend their free time, improve their own coordination and self-control. It happens that the first such visit to the shooting range in Krakow is not the last and these people come back to us from time to time for subsequent shooting meetings.

However, not only gender or age is no barrier to spending time at the shooting range, as it turns out, the place of residence and language are also not a barrier for us. We are very happy to host guests from all over Europe (England / France / Germany) for training and event events, conducting training in English for them. At one of our last events we had the pleasure of hosting a group of friends from Macedonia, who had a great time competing with each other in the technique and accuracy of shooting. So if you are still wondering if shooting training is good for you?, we assure you, you have nothing to worry about the lack of your own skills and poor familiarity with weapons. Under the supervision of our instructors, you will quickly gain skills in shooting and handling firearms, so today we invite everyone to contact us and arrange a training date.