What weapon to buy first? This is the dilemma of every firearms license holder. On the forums devoted to this topic, we will find a number of more or less accurate advice. In this article, we will try to answer the most important questions related to the purchase of a new weapon for a person just entering this world.

New or used gun?

Many people at the beginning of their search will pay attention to used models. They are characterized by a lower price, but we do not know their exact technical condition. In addition, it is difficult to determine whether we are dealing with a more or less used copy. It’s even worse when we find defects that are invisible at first glance and require expensive service. Therefore, it is highly recommended to choose a store that offers a new, proven weapon. This will allow you to seek professional advice from the seller, who will define our needs during the conversation and advise which model will be suitable for us. It is worth remembering that weapons do not lose much value over the years. Therefore, it is not worth saving on the purchase of a used copy if you are just starting your adventure with firearms.

What to look for when choosing a gun?

The first very important issue that determines the comfort of use is checking how the gun lies in the hand. Such a “fitting” allows you to assess whether the selected weapon model will be suitable. When checking weapons, ease of use should be assessed. Do we reach our fingers to the bolt release, bolt catch lever? Another issue is the availability of accessories. On the market we will meet models for which we can easily find a holster or sighting device. However, there are also pistols with limited availability of additional elements. It is therefore good to ask the seller about the possibility of purchasing additional accessories for the selected weapon model already at the stage of conversation with the seller.

The frame of the gun – what should it be made of?

Currently produced frames in firearms are made of metal (duralumin, steel) or plastic (polymer). As usual, metal guns are characterized by much higher durability, but thus the price. As for the weight, it is comparable in both cases. However, you should not reject models equipped with a plastic frame at the start. Currently produced weapons are made of high quality materials.

What about ammo for the first pistol?

The most commonly used type of ammunition for pistols is 9×19. It is a standard approved by NATO. The ammunition available under the names: 9 mm NATO, 9 mm Luger, 9 mm Parabellum, 9 mm Para is used in the police, army, but also in dynamic shooting. The popularity of this solution means that ammunition of this type can be found in every firearms store. An additional advantage of 9 mm ammunition is its very attractive price, so it is worth paying attention to the caliber used when choosing your first weapon. On the market, we will also find an equally cheap alternative to 9-millimeter bullets. It is rimfire ammunition marked .22 LR (Long Rife). The advantage of this solution is the lower recoil of the weapon, as well as much less noise during shooting. According to specialists, a 9 mm caliber gun will be a better choice for occasional visits to the Krakow shooting range. For regular sports training, rimfire ammunition will be the best choice.

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