Weapons – at the GoToShoot shooting range

Every self-respecting shooting range – and GoToShoot is definitely one of them 馃檪 – gives its guests a choice. Everyone has their own individual predispositions and requirements for what they shoot best, and before finding the perfect weapon for themselves – the shooting range should give you the opportunity to try different options. In GoToShoot, these various options are definitely not lacking.

Below is a brief overview of the arsenal of our shooting range and of course we invite you to familiarize yourself with the full equipment and shoot.

Kalashnikov – a timeless beast

AKMS Kalashnikov is definitely one of the most frequently chosen models – a rifle enjoying unflagging popularity. It is distinguished by excellent technical parameters and high-quality materials.

Why is it worth reaching for the AKMS Kalashnikov?

recoil-reducing gas pistons,
low weight,
easy to use.
Here you can shoot “Kalash” with a caliber of 7.62 mm.

Elegant Glock 19

Another of the very popular types of weapons at our shooting range is the Glock 19, which is as elegant as it is reliable. These pistols are known for their very advanced security system, which is certainly their advantage. Not without significance especially for people who are just starting their adventure with shooting.

What makes the Glock 19 different from other weapons?

fits very well in the hand,
safe even for beginners,
protected against damage and rust.
In GoToShoot you will find Glock 19 caliber 9 mm, welcome.

Revolver. 357 Magnum – a class of its own

The next gem in the arsenal of our shooting range is the revolver. 357 mag. This weapon is well known and liked in Poland. It works very well in the hands of a sports shooter, but is also not bad if you need to use a weapon for self-defense.

What parameters Revolver. 357 Magnum worth highlighting?

Single/Double Action shock mechanism,
material – stainless steel,
adjustable rear sight.
Caliber: 357 Magnum in our shooting range is also distinguished by a magazine capacity of 6 nb / drum. The weight without the magazine is only 900 grams.

Shotgun Hatson – for the demanding

This smoothbore shotgun has always been receiving positive reviews – the Hatson Shotgun is primarily high quality. A weapon that fits well even in the hands of a professional.

What is worth knowing about Shotgun Hatson?

the barrel is highly resistant to corrosion,
absorbing the recoil energy after a shot thanks to the rubber stock pad,
very ergonomic model.
In our shooting range, we offer the Shotgun Hatson, a model with a caliber of 12 mm, for practice.

What else will you find in GoToShoot?

As we mentioned at the beginning – there is a lot to choose from. The UZI submachine gun is available, as is the Mossberg Shotgun or AR15 – Mossberg. For connoisseurs we have Glauberyt PM-98, and for lovers of quick solutions – Sniper Rifle Mossberg Varmint 17 HMR. In the permanent offer and shooting packages you will also find Glock 17, Kriss Vector, AR 15 Pof and mossberg, Glock Ronin, Bock winchester, Cz P -09, CZ-P07. One thing is certain, everyone will find something for themselves at our shooting range, and if you visit us for the first time and you don’t know what to choose – we will be happy to advise, suggest and recommend.

Ask for weapons from outside the permanent offer in our Krakow shooting range – We have more!!!