Choosing the first handgun – what to choose?

The eternal question-dilemma that appears in every freshly baked shooter, the more that when choosing a gun we have a classic disaster.

The multitude of brands, models, handgun systems can give you a headache, not only for someone who is just starting his adventure with shooting, but even old shooting skills.

So what to follow, what to take into account when choosing the first desired handle??? Here we really should ask ourselves a basic question.

For what? What will be the purpose of the weapon? This is actually the most important issue that we should always start with when choosing a weapon.

We will consider completely different models assuming that we are going into sports shooting, other weapon features will be more important to us, in turn, when combat shooting will be a priority, and something else will guide us when choosing weapons for concealed carry.

So features such as weight, size, magazine capacity, sights, caliber, and of course the budget will be the leading ones when making a choice, the availability of service, parts and the possibility of upgrading the weapon will also be important.

Once the conviction of destiny and the budget to be allocated have crystallized, it’s time for fitting. Because nothing speaks to us more than a piece of solid steel or composite held in our hands. And here it is high time to go to a well-equipped gun shop, where we will be able to “find” and try on the models that interest us. Ideally, a given shop should be connected to a shooting range, have test models of weapons and you could shoot before buying, but this does not happen often. So we are left with a solid fitting and a deep conviction that this is it.

The purchase of the first weapon is always an important event in the shooter’s life, but it should be remembered that if after some time we find that it is not quite what we thought about and the reality is quite different from our expectations, we can always buy another one one piece, and then another, and another.


Successful shopping!

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