Events at the Krakow shooting range

The organization of professional shooting courses and training at the highest level and the broadly understood firearm shooting training is the main activity of the GOTOSHOOT company, however, we also organize various types of events at the shooting range, during which participants have the opportunity to shoot with firearms under the supervision of shooting instructors who conduct shooting Cracow. This type of recreational shooting is an interesting and exciting form of spending time together at the shooting range, and at the same time completely safe. The safety of participants is ensured by shooting instructors who have many years of experience in organizing various types of combat, sports and recreational shooting. Each person shooting with firearms participates in the initial instruction, and then under the supervision of the instructor (instructors) shoots with firearms that are included in the selected shooting package.

Regardless of the type of event organized, each organizer faces the dilemma of what can be done to make the organized event interesting for the majority of participants. Our proposal is to organize an event at a shooting range during which participants will be able to try shooting with firearms. We have a wide range of sports and combat weapons that are used for shooting, among others, during such events. Although the shooting takes place with real firearms, it is a very safe activity thanks to the implemented safety rules at the shooting range, which are strictly observed by our shooting instructors. Therefore, shooting with an instructor in Krakow is pure pleasure and is a safe activity at the same time.

We organize, among others:

A great corporate event at the shooting range in Krakow

Organizing a company event at the shooting range is a great idea for an interesting company event. No employee will accuse you that the company event was boring, and a visit to the shooting range will be a topic of conversation among employees for a long time. Experiencing positive emotions together during an integration event ensures better teamwork.

Stag (bachelorette) party at the shooting range in Krakow

A great idea for a hen or stag party is a visit to the shooting range and shooting with real firearms. This type of activity will provide everyone with a safe injection of adrenaline before the next event. Experience unforgettable moments together at the shooting range and check who shoots the best with firearms.

Professional shooting events at the shooting range in Krakow

We also organize events for organized groups during which we teach how to shoot firearms, and we also show gun handling techniques. We also create conditions for professional shooting training. The level of this type of activity, its scope as well as the duration (it is possible to organize multi-day events) depends on the client’s needs.

We encourage you to familiarize yourself with our ready-made “shooting packages”, which can be used, among others, as part of shooting events organized by us. In case the ready-made shooting package does not meet your personal preferences, please contact us to create individual shooting packages to be used as part of an event at the shooting range. It is also possible to provide catering tailored to the customer’s requirements and transport to the shooting range for an additional fee. In the case of the shooting range in Brzezinka, it is possible to organize a picnic or barbecue. It is an outdoor shooting range, which, in addition to the shooting axes, provides the possibility of other outdoor activities. On the open shooting range you can shoot in different directions. Another advantage of this type of shooting range is the possibility of safe shooting not only at paper targets, but also at various types of metal targets at the back of the “gong”, which, when hit, make a characteristic sound. The use of this type of metal targets at the shooting range allows for immediate correction of fire when shooting, because it is immediately clear whether the shot was on target.

We also have an advanced system of Steel Alive metal shooting targets, which are equipped with hit sensors and successfully used during shooting training, but also during recreational shooting. Shooting with Steel Alive is great fun, and also has a lot of training potential.

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