Usually, people who want to legally possess firearms must obtain a permit to possess them, which is issued by the relevant state authorities. The firearms license process usually requires the applicant to complete appropriate training and comply with various regulatory requirements such as minimum age, no medical contraindications, no criminal history, etc.

In Poland, the possession of firearms is regulated by the Act on Weapons and Ammunition of 21 May 1999 and by regulations issued by the Minister of Internal Affairs and Administration.

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The storage of firearms in Poland is strictly regulated and requires compliance with certain rules to ensure the safety of the owner and others.

Here are some basic rules for storing firearms in Poland:

  1. Firearms must be stored in a lockable safe or cupboard – The safe or cupboard where the firearm is stored must meet certain technical requirements, such as resistance to burglary attempts, anti-theft protection, etc.
  2. Firearms cannot be stored in public places – firearms must be kept in a private place, away from places where other people, including children, are present.
  3. Ammunition must be stored separately – ammunition cannot be stored in the same place as firearms and must be stored in a special locker or safe.
  4. The place where firearms are stored must be properly marked – the place where firearms are stored must be marked with an appropriate information plate.
  5. The storage of firearms must be reported to the responsible authorities – the holder of a firearm must report to the responsible authorities where and how he stores the firearm.
  6. Regular inspection of the technical condition of the firearm – the owner of a firearm must regularly check the technical condition of his firearm and maintain it in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations.

It is worth remembering that non-compliance with the rules for storing firearms in Poland is severely punished in accordance with the law. Therefore, if you are the owner of a firearm, remember to follow all safety rules and standards to ensure the safety of yourself and others.