Foreigners at Krakow’s shooting ranges – are there any restrictions?

Polish shooting ranges are becoming more and more popular in Poland. People who do not have Polish citizenship also want to use this type of way to spend their free time. For foreigners, the good news is that there are no specific restrictions on using the shooting range. At many shooting ranges, it is necessary to complete a certain age limit to be able to use the shooting range fully independently. In many cases, this limit will be the age of 10. In this case, the child, regardless of nationality, will have to appear at the shooting range with any guardian. This is usually the parent. In addition, it should be remembered that individual shooting ranges may differ in the detailed content of the regulations. The instructor present in a given facility should independently make decisions about admitting a given person to a specific weapon. Factors such as age, experience and physical abilities are taken into account.

What documents should a foreigner show before using the shooting range?

One of the most important documents that a person who wants to use the shooting range should remember is a document confirming the identity of the person at the shooting range. In the case of Poles, the document presented will most often be an ID card. In turn, persons from abroad have an equivalent of this document, which should also be recognized. In addition, minors may present another document, most often in the form of a school ID. In turn, both persons under the age of 18 and those of legal age have the right to present a passport instead of the above-mentioned documents. Each stay at the shooting range also requires an entry in the book. One of the important pieces of information will concern the address. In the case of a foreign person staying on holiday, it is recommended to enter the place where he lives, not the address where he is staying temporarily.

General rules for using the shooting range – what should every user of the shooting range remember?

Each user of the shooting range should absolutely comply with its regulations. At our GoToShoot shooting range in Krakow, an instructor always explains all the key safety rules in force at a given facility. Usually, a given weapon has the right to be loaded only in the case of a stand strictly intended for grinding shooting skills. The basic commands that the user of each shooting range may come across are such short messages as: load informing about the possibility of recharging the magazine, start constituting permission to shoot, stop commanding to stop shooting when the command appears and unload constituting information about the need to unload the weapon immediately. People using the shooting range must also make an entry in the register book, providing their basic personal data. The additional person who is the user of the shooting range should be fully sober.

Foreigners are invited to the English website of our Shooting Range in Cracow.