More and more people are interested in learning to shoot. Shooting ranges in Krakow are becoming places willingly chosen by adults who have a chance to find a new passion, which in addition may be associated with a huge dose of adrenaline. What to look for when choosing a shooting range? Here are some tips to consider.

​Shooting range recommendation

It is worth considering whether the shooting range has a good reputation among users. When deciding to use any place (not only in terms of recommendation), you should always take into account the recommendations that are expressed by other people. Especially when it comes to people taking their first steps in this sport. Yes, to be sure that you will be able to receive professional support at every step. All the more so that you need an instructor who will be able to explain everything from start to finish. It is necessary to take into account not only positive opinions, but also negative evaluations – if there is an overwhelming majority of them. Thanks to this, it will be known which places should be avoided in order not to spend money “unnecessarily down the drain”.

​What does the shooting range offer?

Before the visit to the shooting range takes place, it is also worth checking what it can offer users. In particular, if someone would like to be sure that they can use the weapons available in their favorite game or movie. The more equipment, the better – which will certainly be appreciated by people who already have a bit more experience in this matter. It should also be ensured that beginners can count on personal support from instructors. The safety aspect also matters. In particular, that at the shooting range you come into contact with a weapon that, nomen omen, can lead to loss of health or life.

​What is needed at the shooting range?

In order for your first visit to such a place to be a success, you need to be well prepared for it. It counts e.g. comfortable clothes that will not restrict your movements. You also need to make sure that you have two essentials with you:

  • ID card – a necessity that is carefully guarded. Only thanks to this, it will be possible to prepare for a formal entry in the book, which is located at every shooting range.

  • money – well, a visit to the shooting range is not the cheapest. However, this does not mean that you should give up visiting such a place. Before visiting the shooting range, you should simply check the official price list on the website (or by making contact by phone) in order to be financially prepared.

​Shooting range wardrobe

This topic should be taken very seriously. Moreover, the safety aspect should be taken into account. Footwear is important – ensuring that you maintain a stable position on the ground (especially that the weapon’s recoil can be high at the beginning). It is also worth wearing clothes that will be able to provide protection against hot husk getting into the collar. Avoid low-cut, short-sleeved shirts.

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