What legal weapons can every Polish citizen own?

Weapons are a working tool for uniformed services, and for citizens they can be an effective protection against unforeseen situations. Let us remember that we do not have the possibility to possess every weapon without a license in our country. What legal weapons can you own? What do you need to remember? Which solution to choose? What are the available types of weapons?


It turns out that guns without a license are quite common. In this case, we must meet a specific condition, which is being an adult citizen of Poland. Possession of a firearm is related to belonging to a given shooting club, which is worth bearing in mind. The legal provisions indicate that an adult Polish citizen may own a separate loading firearm that was manufactured before 1885, as well as replicas of firearms. On the market you will find a lot of interesting replicas of rifles, which are made with attention to every detail. The purchase is completely legal and safe. Let’s not forget that buying gunpowder will not be so easy anymore. It is necessary to have a European Firearms Card for black powder weapons. We will pay over PLN 100 for the card.


Black powder weapons are also called historical weapons. It is especially important for history lovers and anyone who wants to become the owner of their own rifle. Weapon enthusiasts can purchase weapons stationary as well as online stores. Most stores sell revolvers and black powder pistols, as well as shotguns and black powder rifles. As a customer, you can choose from many solutions that will meet our expectations. Weapon shops know very well how important it is to maintain a high-quality replica and replica of the original. Revolvers and pistols of this type will allow us to feel like in the Wild West, while rifles will move our imagination to the times of the Civil War. It is a real treat for every reenactor and fan of firearms. Therefore, it is not surprising that legal weapons enjoy so much interest in Poland. Thanks to this, each customer can choose new “toys” for his arsenal of weapons.


Let us remember that black powder weapons are available to virtually every Polish citizen. It is worth remembering that this is a weapon, not a toy. It should be used with care and in accordance with legal regulations. Like any pistol model, such a weapon can be dangerous when it falls into irresponsible hands. When choosing black powder weapons, let’s focus on well-known brands and high quality. In the gun store you will find a wide range that we can match to your expectations. In addition, orders are processed efficiently, and the attractive price encourages the purchase.

In our country, we have the opportunity to use black powder weapons that do not require permits. It is very important to follow the law and remember that guns are not toys. An alternative may be unique replicas of weapons. If you want to shoot weapons used today by uniformed services, please visit our GoToShoot shooting range in Krakow.