Online gun registration

Gun registration – do it online now!

More and more Poles are interested in owning guns – technology and the law seem to meet the expectations and facilitate this task, as it has been possible to register guns via the Internet for some time now. However, in order for everything to be legal and take place properly – it is worth studying step by step how such a process should look like.

Online gun registration – where and how can it be done?

The first and necessary action to register weapons online in Poland is to have an account on the ePUAP platform. It is a free account, and its registration is instant – it can be done here: Important – the account will not be active if we do not approve it with the help of a trusted profile. We have 14 days to do this and we have several options on how to do it.

Where can I confirm my ePUAP account?

  • Tax Offices,

  • ZUS branches,

  • National Health Fund branches,

  • Other facilities.

An additional benefit is that the ePUAP platform – from now on legally confirmed for our specific account, is also a useful link for communication with offices also in many other matters.

Applications for registration of weapons to the WPA by ePUAP – what do you need to know?

Here, it is best to refer to the letter of the law, where the Code of Administrative Procedure, Article 63. § 1, explains that any applications (as well as complaints, demands, explanations or appeals) may also be submitted by means of such electronic communication. However, for this to take place in the right way – you need to arm yourself with the right information and documents.

What documents allow for the registration of firearms via ePUAP?

  • e-invoice with electronic signature/without signature,

  • other purchase documents with the issuer’s electronic signature (e.g. purchase and sale agreement or inheritance deed).

The next important document is the Act on Weapons and Ammunition, Art. 13 sec. 2, which strictly regulates that the proof of purchase of weapons is the basis for its registration. The scan is not the same, but only a copy of such proof – unless the elected office decides otherwise.

Registering a gun online – what’s next?

After logging in to the ePUAP website, you need to search for the correct recipient, as well as the general application form. By selecting the section with the link “General letter to a public entity” you will also get to the right point. The next step is to click “Settle the Case” – which will direct us to the addressee to whom the appropriate request is to be sent. In this way, the application will be redirected to the appropriate Department of Administrative Proceedings (after entering the code). Then it’s time for the Weapon Registration Application itself – in which no key data can be missing. The completed application should be sent and make sure that there is no need to confirm the registration in the gun holder’s ID. When all the above points are implemented in this way – there is nothing else to do but wait for (hopefully) a positive consideration of the application. As you can see – registering a gun online is really easy today.

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